Disjointed feelings.


But it was Garuga, so it would be ok.

And Garuga it was, yet it wasn’t.


A longer journey was needed to arrive at Garuga Resort –not just Garuga.

The ride through the slender Murram road, started with gusto and shrank into a ball of fright.


Five kilometers and more.

The road became more slender, the forest thicker and our fears stronger.

Pine Trees, Lake Victoria surrounded us in unbothered beauty.

No end in sight.

No human voices.

No buildings.


Breaths were hushed even as the motor engine roared up and down the hill.

But a hopeless courage urged us on.


Amidst the chirping of the birds, the clapping of the monkeys –a gate emerged.

Just a gate.No Gateman. No house.


And down below the valley, the beach houses sat.

Outside the window –Lake Victoria moaned, as wild waters slapped her shores.


The wild was left in the compound, on the hills and valleys.

Or so we thought.

Until ahuge dark butterfly danced around the bed lamp.

The lizard emerged out of nowhere, fleeing from something unseen

And when we thought the warm shower had calmed our nerves.

A frog hopped out of the room in haste.


We’ll forget about the frog, the lizard, the butterfly.

And listen to the sweeping melodies of Lake Victoria

We’ll watch the white, black and brown birds fly around

And watch the monkeys hop from tree to tree –giving us suspicious looks

We’ll sit by the pool, under the tree shade and watch spiders knit their webs

For now, we’ll write –about all that and more




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