Our stomachs were ripped apart.


That’s how intense the storm was.


7pm was calm. Stars dotted every corner of the sky.

We were happy.

The jokes were from all over the continent – Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe…

Soon our jaws asked for leave from laughters.


The rooms were warm, the beds comfy.

No dark butterflies, no frogs, no spiders.

Just a lizard, but it knew its place.



No light seeped through the curtain slits

A deep darkness settled in.

But soon our eyes locked its doors.


The house shook.

And we snapped out of our slumber.

Rain thumped the roof

Lightning flashed our scared faces

And thunder Number Two struck

The house shook, we shook, even our fears shook



I should have screamed

But I didn’t

I listened to the water roar

I just listened.



The water roared

We heard the sound of the rain

And yet when we drew the curtains back

The sun was smiling calmly down upon us

And the day erased all memories of the stormy night





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