Our faces wept

Yes, faces and bodies too cry

Tiny beads of swift sweat rolled down our faces

They fled the forest of our hair, licked our faces

The back of our necks and rolled down our backs

Then they rolled down, down, down

Only blocked from proceeding further down by tiny pieces of cloth


We moved left, right, back, forth

We jumped, kicked, boxed –the air

Waists gyrated to music visiting our ears for the first time

But still we danced

It was Zumba – a spirit-lifting dance


Later we dipped our dripping bodies in cool pools of water

Flapped hands and legs eager to keep the body afloat

We thrust our bodies forward in defiance of unmoving waters


When we finally sat by the bar

We allowed organic music to woo our ears

We held onto glasses carrying red sweet things

And we let our minds sieve words meant for the paper


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