I want to unplant a seed

The seed which became me

I want to uproot a tree

The tree which defiantly walks inside me

I want to ungerminate it

To ungrow and unbirth that seed

The seed which is me

I crave to do a replant

I want to regrow, regerminate

I want to replant myself

On a land fertile and fallowed

A land free from dishonesty

I need to resettle in a new home-

Away from home

I yearn to erase my beginning

To unwrite my history

I want to repaint my past

To smear it with unwashable dung

I want to unlearn, unknow

I want to enthrone my life upon a washed genesis

A beginning devoid of white lies and coated hate

I want to lay a foundation of newness

A new now,  new tomorrow, new after tomorrow

I need some downpour

To wash my blemish past

I want the wind too

To blow away all that makes me

I need the sun

To dry away my tears,

The pain, the anger,

Yes, I want them gone

Help me unseat that seed

Guide me uproot the root

Ready me for a new day,

A new thought, mind, soul and me

Conceive me, birth me,

Watch me grow and parent me

Call me me, yes, a new me

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