We hold imaginary hands

Whisper to unseen ears

Then we smile smiles unreplied

And laugh lone laughers

We hug ourselves to calm jittery passions

We breathe

Take our minds to unsolicited journeys

We revel in events of yesterday

And beg memories to stay put


We listen to the buzz of mosquitoes

As we lie on soft, fluffy pillows

Minds wander to soft, green meadows

And of those we wish were our heroes

The bite of the mosquito brings us back to reality

Jolting away the passionate face from our memories and murals


We slam doors on the face of reality

Lock ourselves in cages of fantasy

Then we feel roaming hands

Listen to our hearts redo speedy beats

And see our hands tremble at imaginary togetherness

But we smile

Laugh even

At the reality of fantasy

And the realness of moments gone past

[By H & J]

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