They are women and accept it so

They tell your stories to the world

Getting the first punch of pain

As they edit that story about a girl raped

A woman stripped, a mother brutalized

Or the 16 who die daily giving life to life

They identify mountains and climb them

They embark on journeys and complete them

They welcome loads and carry them

But they fall too

Stain themselves in the mud or dust

Make blind choices and take unneeded risks

But they dust themselves and start


Those who remain down wave a flag

About lessons to be learned and lived

For that is life

And a woman who knows she is a woman,

Will try to live the she life


To these and other women, who celebrate Women’s Day daily, through their brains, tears and laughter at Daily Monitor – well done and keep being women!

Angela Nampewo – T Vibe Magazine Editor

Anna Katusiime – Sub Editor (News)

Anna Nafula Sub Editor (Online)

Brenda Banura – Rainbow Magazine Editor

Carol Beyanga – Features Editor

Edna Kyokunzire – Sub Editor (Business)

Eunice Rukundo – Full Woman Editor

Evelyn Lirri – Healthy Living Editor

Grace Kenganzi – Homes, Building & Design Editor

Jackie Laker – Graphics Designer

Janet Akongo – Graphics Designer

Janet Napio – Sub- Editor (Opinions)

Jennifer Oketch – Sub Editor (Features)

Justin Juliet Rukundo – Life Magazine Editor

Lydia Namono – Sub Editor (Business)

Margaret Vuchiri – Public Affairs Editor

Peninah Asiimwe – Sub Editor (News)

Rosie Carolyn Amodoi – Heart to Heart Editor


Harriet Anena

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