My beloved, Uganda, used to preach A.B.C

But now he says no more #Abstinence, no more #Condoms. But he’ll still #BeFaithful

I was about to smile a full smile and say not all’s lost after all, until he flung me onto a pick-up truck

Yanked off my clothes and said the world needed to bear witness to our affection

As his weapon-wielding disciples cheered him on,

My lover ignored the stare of the sun and upgraded our relationship

He didn’t just screw me like he’s done for the past 53 years, he screwed me #Live

Oh beloved, don’t you fear HIV anymore? 

Shhhh! He whispered. Aids stopped killing us in the 90s. Now we only have oil thieves to worry about…

Dear world, please give my government a condom 

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