Another meal on this #HighTable

I am chocking on laughter that’s too demoralised to leave my mouth

Yesterday l was bloated whole day on laughter that was too high on hope to stagger out of my mouth

Months earlier, l’d hoarded my laughter, certain you’d finally leave the High Table so l can take a bite and laugh a proper laugh


Hope can be hopeless

Now l know

So please understand if my mouth remains locked

It’s just that l am ashamed

My laughter may come out constipated

My laughter may come out exhausted

My laughter may come out kwashiorkored

My laughter may come out aged and wrinkled

I’m sure you understand

That 3 decades is not a short time to keep laughter jailed in the prison of ones’ mouth



Do accept my stomach-felt congratulations

As you take take another bite of delicacy from the High Table


About Anena

Harriet Anena is a poet and fiction writer, journalist and many things, some of which she's not aware of. She's the author of A Nation in Labour, a poetry collection and has published several short stories. She's in the kitchen, figuring out the ingredients for her second book.
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