1. Are you wearing a bra?

The #ImaginedConversationSeries takes place in the writer’s mind.                               Believe it at your own risk.                                                                                                                        


So, how have you been madam poet?


That’s all?

Were you expecting something greater than great?

Now you’re going all philosophical on me, aha?

I repent for my philosophical sins

I have always wanted to ask; what inspired you to write A Nation in Labor?

Do you want me to tell you a secret?

Yes yes…

Never ask a writer that question. Ever!


It’s like insulting the person of the president writer

You’re just dodging the question

Must there be an inspiration?

Yes! Of course!


Anyway, are you wearing a bra?



I hate bras. So today when I was putting on this dress, the upper part was a bit tight and I figured if I removed the bra, it would fit better. I did just that!

Don’t you feel uncomfortable walking around without bra?

No. My boobs are quite well behaved.

So why do you wear them at all?

So that people like you don’t knock off their toes staring at my stuff and so you don’t get an excuse to start a #GetAnenaABra campaign

That reminds me. Your show, “I bow for my boobs”…did it have anything to do with your hatred for bras?

No. It had everything to do with my love for my boobs

Lol. How?

My boobs are political, just like any other woman’s I think. They are a weapon. In my case, they are the most favorite part of my body so I get every excuse to fix stuff about boobs in my poems and stories.

What do you mean your boobs are political?

I’ll tell you more in my upcoming book


(Oh! You believed that?) No.

Kale, but you shortchanged us in that show. We thought you’d show us some boobs like for real real.

Bambi, the show was political erotica, not political porn. I also didn’t want to lead Fr. Lokodo into temptation.

Hahaha as for that minister, leave him! Anyway, are you seeing someone?


Woooow. Congrats. Who is the lucky guy?

Junot Diaz

Yiyi Anena, now you are lying

Honestly. I had a fling with his brain and eyes and it has matured into a fully-fledged long-term affair of unimaginable escapades…

Only his eyes and brain?

Well, and his dimples too

What about his eyes…they are so intense

Look at you, having a man-crush on people’s crushes!

Hahaha my bad

You are forgiven. Next time get your own crush

Are you a virgin?

Of course! Not.

Wow. Kale you don’t look

I know! Wait, I don’t look what?

You don’t look like a sex person



So you sex people have what, poems inscribed on your foreheads screaming…

Okay okay I get you. Moving on, what are you listening to?

Why the rush? I thought you’d ask me more questions about this sex thing


You look disappointed.

Of course not

Good, just breathe. You know, the world would be a much better place if we were a little more open about sex. Don’t you agree?

Well, that depends…

Anyway, what was your question again?

What song do you listen to a lot these days?

Are you gonna kiss me or not?

Ehm whaat?

It’s a song by Thomson Square

Phew! You really got me there…

I know! I saw your hands retreating to your pocket! It’ll pass…

Anena, you are evil!

You’re the second person to tell me that

Who else told you that?



So you reporters are these days taught at J-schools to jeer at your sources?

Hahahaha I am sorry. Wait, I have remembered. When did you last have sex?

Which year is this?


Okay, so it was 201…

Aha wabula you chick you want to lie again. Anyway, what’s the latest movie you’ve watched?

Me before you

That romantic drama film?


How was it?

I cried the entire time. It was so painfully sweet! The crying I mean. You get such a release after crying. But I also hadn’t cried in a while so I just found an excuse to reduce the amount of tears in my tear thingie. Is it tear duct or tear gland?

I’ll have to google that. Okay, as we wrap up, what’s your favorite line right now?

It’s from my upcoming poetry collection


Set me on fire

Whaaaat? Now? You want me to end up in jail?