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The Other Chapter

I told my sister, Okot plunged his tongue in my mouth when I was 13.  He called it a kiss He inserted his hands in my blouse and tried to make dough out of my breasts. He called it romance … Continue reading

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Another meal on this #HighTable

I am chocking on laughter that’s too demoralised to leave my mouth Yesterday l was bloated whole day on laughter that was too high on hope to stagger out of my mouth Months earlier, l’d hoarded my laughter, certain you’d … Continue reading

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My lover has screwed me so hard, for so long I feel his semen rise in my throat And now I walk with a stagger, drunk on fermented manhood Waiting for my middle finger to dig out the vomit lingering … Continue reading

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Kampala, beloved

Omera, Kampala is a lover with bad breath Edible lips, Firm hands that know how to cup a face before a kiss Then He’ll breathe that thing Besigye hates into your eyes But… You’ll love the pearl of seven hills … Continue reading

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The Kyankwanzi Commandment

I overheard the neighbours say you’ve finally ditched the missionary style of doing things Mbu you have been going around the countryside, dropping sacks of manna to cast out poverty They were even praising Judas, your beloved Iscariot, that he’ll … Continue reading

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The #Balls In My Hands

I lie in the arms of my lover, my feet playing with sand on the shores of Lake Victoria He runs his hands through my hair. Pulls at it gently. But his eyes are set at the border, looking for … Continue reading

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Convict of affection

My mind is a blanket of nimbus clouds, uncaging a rainfall of memories we share My heart is a field of roses, bursting open under the sun of your stare My head is a jail cell, its locked doors a … Continue reading

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